They said it ...


If you’d like to know what to expect when working with Continuous Communications, here are a few recent comments clients and collaborators have provided (without being asked, like the lovely, positive and generous people they are) about investment communications, style guides, biographies, career communications, journalism, PR, social media posts, blogs, marketing strategy, editing, communications analysis and ghostwriting: 

“This is brilliant” 

“They read really well” 

“Really helpful” 

“Thank you for the care and attention” 

“Great ideas on style and tone” 

“It looks/sounds spot on” 

“Appreciate the quick turnaround!” 

"The work you've done for me has been productive"

"Very comprehensive and useful"

"It's looking really good"

"You've done a great job" 

"Great article by Fiona Nicolson" 

"You've followed the brief to the letter" 

"I appreciate your tenacity" 

"Thanks for a great article!" 

"You've provided an insightful report" 

"This is great"

"Looks good" 

"I like this"

"Exactly what I was looking for" 

"Fantastic copywriting skills" 

"Your work is really good and delivered on time"