Style guides and glossaries

Consistency and accuracy

You know your subject inside out. But do your customers and clients fully understand the terminology? If they don’t, they might not buy from you. It’s as simple as that. There is a solution, though – a straightforward glossary of terms, for your website and other communications channels. This further demonstrates your commitment to clarity and transparency. And we have the expertise to create this for you, tailored specifically to what your customers and clients want to know. While glossaries are potentially most useful for the financial services industry, other business sectors using complex terminology could add value to their service with a glossary too. 

While we’re on the subject of clear communications, does your company have a style guide? This can be invaluable for ensuring consistent communications across the business and for presenting the very best version of your content to your clients and customers. We can provide one for you or review and update your existing style guide, according to your needs. We can also advise on internal communications around the style guide, to help embed it within the business. 

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