Investment communications



We’re mainly talking about monthly and quarterly market commentary and fund reporting here; annual reports too. 

Investment writers are busy people. They’re writing all sorts of content, across a wide range of asset classes, to tight deadlines. 

But there’s also the regular reporting to manage. The content has to be accurate, grammatically correct and on time. And it’s a big job, that goes on for a few weeks, at top speed. It’s rumoured that not many in-house investment writers enjoy this part of their role. 

So, why not give them a break and outsource it to us? We can handle it for you, quickly, from one end to the other and our fees are very reasonable.  

It’s not just investment writers who can benefit. Anyone who produces complex financial information for clients may welcome the opportunity to delegate the editing and proofreading. After all, you’re already busy enough in your day job. 

Our director, Fiona Nicolson, has years of experience of writing, editing and proofreading market commentary and fund reports across all asset classes, for some of the biggest asset-management companies in the world. She can also call on other experienced writers for big projects. 

And if content's required for press, websites or other channels, you've come to the right place for that too. Fiona has written and edited content on equities, fixed income, hedge funds, private equity, ESG, wealth management and property, again for some of the best-known global names in the asset-management industry.

If you'd like to make your life a little easier, let us take the strain. We'd love to help. 


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